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St. Dominic Savio College “Our Graduates, Our Difference” 02-86511985 loc. 103/101, 0951-072-2226 savian_sdsc@yahoo.com
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B1 L6 Mt. Heights Subd., Quirino Highway, Caloocan City

Tel. No.: 02-86511985-loc. 103/101,

0951-072 -2226

inquiry@sdsc.edu.ph, savian_sdsc@yahoo.com,




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Guidance, Testing, Counselling and Placement Office


1. Monitor all guidance services, testing and counseling programs for each department particularly the basic Education School and the     College Department.
2. Assumes leadership in the development of policies, procedures and programs for the guidance, counseling and the testing services      in consonance with the educational goals, vision-mission statement and the College’s educational philosophy.
3. Assists in determining and implementing admission policies and procedures.
4. Ascertains that students avail of the guidance services offered by the school.
5. Update and properly filed all cumulative records of the students and that information is discretely given to authorized persons as     needed, safeguarding confidentiality at all times.
6. Defines the role and tasks of his staff, supervises and evaluates their performance and sees to their professional development.
7. Establish and train students and teachers for counseling and peer counseling support.
8. Organize students and parent education.
9. Conducts, together with his staff, local research related to the student needs and organizes activities to meet these expectations.
10. Develops information systems about student’s behavior which may be used for attitudinal improvements of students.
11. Establish and strengthen linkages with the community for possible job opportunities and practicum students.
12. Conceptualize promotional strategies, career talks, leadership seminars and workshop that would benefit the students, faculty and       staff.
13. Submits monthly counselor’s report and discusses ways and means of implementing the recommendations of the Guidance Staff.
14. Performs all other functions delegated by the VP and/or the President.


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