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St. Dominic Savio College “Our Graduates, Our Difference” 02 8 961-5497 loc. 103/101, 02 8 924-8531, 02 8 294-9200 savian_sdsc@yahoo.com
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B1 L6 Mt. Heights Subd., Quirino Highway, Caloocan City

Tel. No.: 02-86511985-loc. 103/101,

0951-072 -2226

inquiry@sdsc.edu.ph, savian_sdsc@yahoo.com




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     The logo of St. Dominic Savio College carries six main features - the crown, the knight, the heart, the book, the lights and its rays and the leaves of laurels.

     The Crown symbolizes excellence that shall translate to superior quality of education and graduates.

       The Knight symbolizes the LEADERSHIP CAPABILITIES of every SAVIAN, full of zeal and fidelity to duty, the ingredients of total human development.

       The Heart signifies our LOVE and SERVICE for others. LOVE, the greatest Christian virtue and foundation of faith, is shown not only in words and manners but above all in deeds and in the purity of intention. The unselfish dedication in the SERVICE of mankind is the hallmark of the SAVIAN EDUCATIONAL PHILOSOPHY that must be cultivated in the minds of every child of St. Dominic Savio College.

      The Book symbolizes KNOWLEDGE,WISDOM and DEDICATION, among EDUCATORS who will continuously enlighten the heart and mind of every SAVIAN. It is a potent tool that translates to power in a highly competitive society. The Savian who is equipped with skills and competencies can be productive members of their communities.

        The Light and its Raysrepresent the erudite YOUNG and ELDER SAVIANS who in return will be the future leaders of their community. Its serves as a light that guides and leads every SAVIAN to reach his/her goal.

      The Laurel Leaves represents the achievements and glory that every young and intelligent SAVIAN has earned and will continuously reap in the future.