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Human Resource Department


As a Human Resources Officer:
1. Primary responsibility is to relate and collaborate to every individual (e.g. school officials, instructors, students) that is registered under the institution.
2. Abide to all (but not limited) policies, regulations and implements set by local school division and board of directors.
3. Also, responsible for creating, logging and updating employees and students personal school related records.
4. HR officer provides confidential and essential information of students to their respective family, if required.

1. Serves as mediator to help settle an agreement, should there be conflict between or concerns from an individual or group.
2. Ensure that every individual registered with the institution, have knowledge and awareness of appropriate regulations and policies inside the campus or within the school grounds.
3. Provide and update school information or activities to both employees and students (involve family if required).
4. Serves as counselor or advisor to employees or students, to provide guidance to personal or career plans, any concerns or conflict with fellow employee or student.
5. Should actively participate in school program and organization may it be just a member or part of the committee.
6. Enthusiastically give suggestions, and be committed to ensure success and attainment of each goal.
7. Able to facilitate an orderly meeting or preparation for each planned event.
8. Be a motivational speaker and attentive listener to demonstrate commitment and impartiality, in any level of the organization.

Recruiting and Hiring
1. Prepares all Recruiting and Hiring Programs and Policies on the school.
2. Conducts manpower audit, determining the staff/ SA requirements qualification and compensation.
3. Screens and selects potential and qualified candidates based on objective criteria for a particular job.
4. Assesses and recommends job candidate who will be good a fit to the school culture and justify the school’s investment in hiring and training.
Employee Development Training and development are indispensable functions of human resource management. To improve the current or future performance of an employee: 1. Prepares the SDSC Employee Department Program.
2. Conducts periodic work performance for all the officer, staff and SA’s with recommendation on the training needs and other employee development program.
3. Conducts action research to determine the overall effectiveness, efficiency and impact of the HR Management Program.


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