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St. Dominic Savio College “Our Graduates, Our Difference” 02-86511985 loc. 103/101, 0951-072-2226 savian_sdsc@yahoo.com
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B1 L6 Mt. Heights Subd., Quirino Highway, Caloocan City

Tel. No.: 02-86511985-loc. 103/101,

0951-072 -2226

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   C A M P U S     L I F E

S T.   D O M I N I C   S A V I O   C O L L E G E

S A V I A N   F O R M A T I O N

As a College, SDSC seeks to uphold and communicate truth by instilling it in the Savian scholar in all his scholarly, personal and professional pursuits.

As a Filipino College, SDSC seeks to protect, preserve and promote Filipino culture. Through his healthy understanding of his national identity, the Savian scholar will be his nations spokesperson to the global community.

As a Filipino College with global perspective, SDSC seeks to prepare the Savian scholar to the rigors and demands of the borderless world.

As a Savian College, SDSC seeks to realize the TOTAL DEVELOPMENT OF PERSONS. The college seeks to be a witness to the life and deeds of its patron saint, St. Dominic Savio , and to be an apostle to the saints philosophy of love, leadership, and service.

St. Dominic Savio College professes to seek all these through passionate commitment to excellent teaching, scholarly research and active community service.

Pursuant to the vision, mission and objectives of the Patron Saint of the Youth, St. Dominic Savio College commits itself to carrying out the following objectives:

1. Produce TOTAL HUMAN PERSONS with a knowledge and understanding of dynamic Christian Living by encouraging them to nourish     the practice of honesty, responsibility and chivalry.

2. Develop students with fine tastes and manners and strengthen their commitment to preserve the traditions and values of the Filipino     people. Provide a learning atmosphere that is vital to the intellectual, moral, spiritual and socio-cultural consciousness of the students.

3. Excel in the development of the basic academic competence and potentials of students, thus recognizing and appreciating the values of     arts and science for progress and growth of an individual.

4. Manifest preparedness for higher level of learning through a balanced and adequate instructional program for the students’ learning and mastery of fundamental knowledge, attitudes, habits and skills that recognize the value of human and material resources.

5. Develop leadership potentials among individuals who are vocationally and academically efficient, whose skills and training would enable    them to earn a decent living, render worthy services to the community and contribute to nation building. And above all, a globally     competitive person who has a genuine love and pride for country and its heritage.


SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT and SOCIAL SERVICES OFFICE (SDSSO) is the pastoral and social arm of the academic and nonacademic community of St. Dominic Savio College. Its primary role is to nurture the Savian Community spiritually and socially by fostering Christian communal formation through the total development of persons, under the guidance and inspiration of the spirituality and charism of our founder and mentor Dr. Nestor V. Dela Cruz, towards active social activism and excellent education.

The Immaculate Conception means Mary was always free of original sin. Instead, the Immaculate Conception refers to the doctrine that Mary, from the very moment of her conception, was never stained by original sin. The word immaculate literally means pure, or without blemish.

As pastoral arm, the SDSSO functions as the beacon of Leadership and Service through Charity by which the Savian Community strive to Touch, Change and Empower the lives of our community members including our adopted community Barangay by instituting transformative social structures and reforms, transmitting the message of the gospel and the introduction of genuine sustainable social agenda that will nurture and guarantee the out of school youth, the street children, the senior citizens and the unemployed in our borderless society regardless of faith, creed, age, and orientation.

The SDSSO is mindful and sensitive to the needs and feelings of our non-Catholic brethrens. Non Catholic members of the savian community will be respected on their beliefs, creed and orientations. They will not be forced to join and practiced our catholic faith in any way, manner of form otherwise, students who are non-Catholic will be provided with substantial activities during the observance of the activities.

Our developmental initiatives are the fruits of our reflections of the core values of St. Dominic Savio; Love, Leadership, and Service by which we deemed necessarily implemented and accomplished through the guidance and inspiration of our Patrons Virtues; Passion, Compassion, Integrity and Excellence.

We cultivate our leadership by means of service and commit ourselves to charity. The integrity of our commitment is the soul of our purpose, our collective actions is driven our compassion for the poorest of the poor, while our resolve for excellence is synergized by our passion and fear of mediocrity. It is our intention that our presence as a community be constantly felt among our adopted barangay and our sectoral beneficiaries, promoting the culture of sharing not only providing, immersion not only visitations and participate in the apostolate generously sharing our talents, treasures and time to others. We seek to provide through our active involvement opportunities to develop the knowledge and skills especially the out of school youth and unemployed members of our adopted barangay through conducting livelihood trainings and seminar which are duly accredited by our local authorities.